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Popular devices
Verizon Convoy 3
Verizon Ellipsis 8
Verizon Droid RAZR MAXX HD 4G
Verizon Stratosphere II
Verizon Galaxy Note 2
Device Partnumber
Verizon 5800
Verizon Adamant
Verizon Ativ SE
Verizon ATIV SE Neo
Verizon BBM65TK
Verizon Brio
Verizon Convoy SCH-U640
Verizon Convoy 2
Verizon Convoy 3
Verizon Convoy SCH-U640
Verizon Droid Incredible
Verizon Droid RAZR MAXX
Verizon Droid RAZR MAXX HD 4G
Verizon Ellipsis 8
Verizon Ellipsis Kids
Verizon Ellipsis Kids LTE
Verizon ENACT
Verizon F450
Verizon Fascinate
Verizon Galaxy Note 2
Verizon Galaxy Note II
Verizon Galaxy S
Verizon Galaxy S III
Verizon Galaxy S3
Verizon Galaxy Stellar
Verizon Glacier
Verizon Gusto 2
Verizon Huron
Verizon Incredible
Verizon Lucid 2
Verizon Mesmerize
Verizon MP6975
Verizon PB31200
Verizon PN-215
Verizon Presto
Verizon QTAQZ3
Verizon S Pro 2
Verizon SCH-I200
Verizon SCH-I200 Galaxy Stellar
Verizon SCH-i415
Verizon SCH-i415 Stratosphere II
Verizon SCH-I500
Verizon SCH-I500 Fascinate
Verizon SCH-I500 Mesmerize
Verizon SCH-I500 Showcase
Verizon SCH-I515
Verizon SCH-I515 Galaxy Nexus
Verizon SCH-i535
Verizon SCH-i535 Galaxy S III
Verizon SCH-i535 Galaxy S3
Verizon SCH-I545
Verizon SCH-I545 Galaxy S IV
Verizon SCH-I545 Galaxy S4
Verizon SCH-i605
Verizon SCH-i605 Galaxy Note 2
Verizon SCH-i605 Galaxy Note II
Verizon SCH-U365
Verizon SCH-U365 Gusto 2
Verizon SCH-U640 Convoy
Verizon SCH-U640EKAVZW
Verizon SCH-U660
Verizon SCH-U660 Convoy 2
Verizon SCH-U680
Verizon SCH-U680MAV Convoy 3
Verizon Showcase
Verizon SM-G730V
Verizon SM-G730V Galaxy S III Mini
Verizon SM-G730V Galaxy S3 Mini
Verizon SM-W750V
Verizon SMT5800
Verizon SPro2
Verizon Stratosphere II
Verizon Touch Diamond
Verizon VS870
Verizon VS890
Verizon VX6975
Verizon Whitestone
Verizon XV5800
Verizon XV6175
Verizon XV6600
Verizon XV6700
Verizon XV6800
Verizon XV6850
Verizon XV6900 Touch
Verizon XV6950
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